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Tassie's Wildest Side: Learn about the Aurora and Bioluminescence 

Just $55 for a 2-hour experience learning about the variety of things that glow in the dark in Tassie.


Glow Tour: Finding Awe in Nature 

Just $60 for a 1.5 to 2-hour experience finding things that glow in the dark in Tassie.




AURORA AUSTRALIS: Learn about the Southern Lights 

Just $29 for a one-hour immersive storytelling image-filled experience.


BIOLUMINESCENCE: Experience the Sublime in Tasmania 

Just $29 for a one-hour immersive experience of storytelling, photos, and videos.



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71 Murray Street, Studio 103,
Hobart, Tasmania 7000


T: 0408 0808 29

ACCESSIBILITY: Our studio is upstairs in historical (but alas, non-accessible) building. But we can come to you!

GROUPS: Staff thank you parties, community events, a speaker for a service club... this is the place!


Drop us a line and ask a question, tell us what you'd like to see, give us a compliment or critical feedback. We would love to hear from you!