Biofluorescent Flora and Fauna

Pink-glowing possums, green-glowing wallabies, blue-glowing insects, and red-glowing owls. Biofluorescence is surreal and exciting and beyond your wildest imagination. To learn more, click below!

These brightly-glowing sentinals from another world will have you blinking in disbelief! To learn more about glowing fungi, click below!



Glow Worms 

TThe humble glowworms create mesmerising constellations on the ceilings of caves and tunnels! To learn more about these magnificent creatures, click below!



Spectacular displays of sea sparkles bring out the kid in us all: create blue splashes, sparkling bursts of light beneath your footsteps, or go ahead, dance in it like no one is watching! Tassie is one of the global hotspots for it! To learn more about this incredible phenomenon, click below!



Ghost Mushrooms - Fabulous Glowing Fungi

Sea Sparkles - Marine Bioluminescence

Truly one of the most mesmerising of all natural phenomena is the Aurora! And Tassie has it in spades! To learn more about the wondrous Southern Lights, click below!



Aurora Australis - the Southern Lights

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